Friday, June 10, 2011

Classical Puppets Petticoat Review

I finally receive my much needed petticoat. I waited forever for this petticoat ( three weeks), I ordered it via Qutieland.I know it would have been cheaper if i had ordered straight from CP but that's confusing. Qutieland customer is amazing; they send you email to let you know about your order, give you a time estimate on when the product will be finish and give you a tracking when your order is sent out.

The Petticoat
One word 'BIG', this petticoat is huge and heavy because of the amount of layers added.It's made out of organza fabric which is why it feels so good on your skin.
Poofy Test
without Petti
with Petti

See the difference? The petticoat give the right amount poof and life to my dresses, even under the heavy ones. But a good petti is a long lasting one, so i will give an update in the coming future.

~thanks for reading