Sunday, June 10, 2012

A brand new butterfly

ahhh! I feel so bad for abandoning  my blog but im back. Sorry for the no show guys, i was not in the mood to type or do anything . With a recent break up and lots of disappointments, i felt very listless and sad. No point crying over spill milk right? Unfortunately  the hobbies i love didnt inspire me to be happy and i was straying away from lolita but not anymore time to turn over a new leaf. Getting back in my groove. I made a list on what i need to focus on ....LOLITA,GYARU, MAKE UP, ART and FASHION. and to start pictures, mostly from the cherry blossom festival. i need to build up my confidence and have a " i dont give a fuck!" attitude. AND MORE POSTING lol. yay hello new followers thx for the love :)

cherry blossom festival

thanks for reading