Sunday, June 10, 2012

A brand new butterfly

ahhh! I feel so bad for abandoning  my blog but im back. Sorry for the no show guys, i was not in the mood to type or do anything . With a recent break up and lots of disappointments, i felt very listless and sad. No point crying over spill milk right? Unfortunately  the hobbies i love didnt inspire me to be happy and i was straying away from lolita but not anymore time to turn over a new leaf. Getting back in my groove. I made a list on what i need to focus on ....LOLITA,GYARU, MAKE UP, ART and FASHION. and to start pictures, mostly from the cherry blossom festival. i need to build up my confidence and have a " i dont give a fuck!" attitude. AND MORE POSTING lol. yay hello new followers thx for the love :)

cherry blossom festival

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

closet post

Just my lolita closet so far, havent made alot, more like none lolita purchases since last year. money is a little tight ( i need a second job) anywho here is my small lolita collection.


from left to right: Ap sugar pansy, Meta melody poodle, Rococo Soul, Mini bows Ap

top left to right: white long sleeve and lavender blouse thrift store
bottom left to right: black long sleeve blouse and white short sleeve blouse thrift store, cutsew Dear celine, bodyline

Innocent world's classical ribbon


Bodyline floral jsk,Meta melody poodle and Anna house halter top jsk ( i might sell this one)

Angelic pretty: sugar Pansy 

 Meta,Meta and Ap



Anna house and Classical puppets

I have none lol 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

merry christmas, happy new year, yeah its 2012!

hey guys, sorry i have been M.I.A. first i couldn't find my camera than i was a little depress and didn't feel like doing anything but its a new year and a brand new me. i plan on doing a lot of blogging this year. On lolita, gyaru, hair and make up so stay tune and thanks and welcome to my new followers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Photoshoot well something close to it.

hey guys! i haven't been wearing lolita alot because of the weather but now that it's  cooling down i cant wait to put on my layers of clothes. I took some photos not to long ago, i always wanted good quality photos of my lolita coords but sadly the photos wasn't what i expected. anywho enjoy...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My make up collection so far~

Hey guys! i have really been into makeup lately and i think i'm becoming a makeup addict. I just want to show you my make up collection thus far. It is not huge but its a OK size i think.

So here's a rundown of what i have so far

From far upper left to right
Mac sheer press powder
Mac studio fix powder foundation~a really nice matte foundation
Mac blush fever
Urban Decay "Naked" palette~ a must have
Mac eyeshadow Hepcat
Mac eyeshadow ~dont know the name but its a bronze color
Mac custom made eyeshadow

 From left to right
Sephora's Pencil sharpener
A cheap drugstore eyelash curler
A drugstore eyeliner brush
UD shadow brush
Mac 129 face and blush brush
Shu Uemura shadow brush

From left to right
Mac viva glam lipstick
Mac lipstick Touch
Mac lipglass Flusterrose
Mac fluid line eyeliner 
Mac paint pot

From left to right
Wet and wild eyeshadow pencil
Sephora nano eyeliner beige
Mac lipliner chestnut
Mac kohl eyeliner
Rimmel pencil shadow light purple
Rimmel pencil shadow pink

From left to right
Sephora make up remover for the lips~non sticky and gentle on the eyes
Mac brush cleaner
Laura Mercier oil free face primer ~ reviews said its a great product

From left to right
Dolly Wink lashes no.1
Diamond lash fairy eyes~ luv these lashes, they are so great
Kiss lashes natural lashes
Dolly Wink no. 5 lower lashes
Duo eyelash glue clear ~best glue ever

 Elf eyeshadow pretty good for cheap shadows

so that's my collection so far. Alot of things for just one face right?

 so how is your makeup collection?

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make up haul/ review

Shop in Sophora for the first time, I have been  eyeing a eye shadow palette for some time now and decided to pick up some fillers that i need.

I love neutral eye shadows. So i was on the hunt for a good cheap neutral eyeshadow palette and from the high reviews found Urban decay's "Naked". I love this palette! there are 12 full size shadows, all beautiful colors , great pigmentation and really great quality.Perfect for any skin tone.
I've always wanted to try dolly wink but was discourage by the price but i finally decided to give it a try.
derp face ^-^
the lashes are dolly wink no. 1. The first time i saw them in person, i thought they were too dramatic but when i try them on they were perfect.They are really long but they are not too dense. They do not look natural but looks beautiful on the eyes.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New York, new york

hello! had an awesome time in new york yesterday. Our lolita group had an outing in new york and it was a blast. We tour around the city and visited a lot of places like Chinatown and tokyo rebel (a lolita shop). All the girls look lovely and the weather was tolerable.

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