Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bodyline review

 Hi guys, I finally receive my package from bodyline . Yay!, better late than never, right? Anywho,  i ordered a floral jsk L174 and a boater hat ....

First up, Bodyline's boater hat in beg color

 The hat isn't stiff; more off a soft material but it holds its shape. The black ribbon does  not come attached to the hat, so it can be remove if you want too.Overall, i really like it because it can be easily coordinate  with tons of outfits that i have in mind. This is perfect for both Spring or Summer. Also, its only $6 usd  : D

 This floral jsk is the whole reason that i made a Bodyline order. I have been stalking this jsk for the longest and its very popular because it's sold out most of the time. Only by luck that i manage to get it.

I ordered  that black version of the jsk and it is so beautiful.

detachable bow
The jsk  comes with a detachable bow. It is not huge, about medium size . So, you can do multiple things with it.Such like use it as an accessory for your hair, attach it to a beret or any kind of hat or use it as a brooch.

L174 black jsk Sized medium

The material of the dress is thick, it is a floral print with reddish pink roses. There are also white/grey roses that is printed all over the dress. Black shirring is on the back, a heart shape bottom for the detachable waist ties, shoulder straps are also adjustable, so you can make it longer or shorter. Zipper is at the side and two small bows attract to the shoulder straps.

The dress is a good length on me, stops right above the knees (I am 5'2in, 157cm) . to sum it up : i love it, very please with Bodyline's service but not so much with Dhl and the jsk is def wroth the $31 usd

Thanks for reading : )

Monday, December 20, 2010

DHl is the F*cking worst

To my fellow lolitas you know the anxiety and excitement that comes when you're waiting on your package. I had that same feeling until now because my package which is in the  usa and right in my neighborhood and inside of the mail man van, cant seem to arrive at my house yet . Long story short, order a couple of things from bodyline, decided to go with Dhl because it was only $20 dollars for shipping . Got my tracking number and patiently waited and monitor my package; seeing that everything is going  smoothly. So its monday and dhl says that it WILL BE deliver today, so i waited, a couple of hours passed and i got worry so i called and a kind person said that it will be at my house today . Some more hours passed and the sun went down, so i called again another gentle voice told me that " maybe the delivery man have a busy day so my package will come a little late and it will get to my house today.Its 10pm and i  still havent gotten my package and i really doubt that it is going to arrive tonight. Now im mad, because i could of been somewhere doing something useful today, instead of sitting home waiting for dhl ( needed a signature) Never again will i use dhl ,they are not worth it and their customer service is fuck up. i really hope that they deliver my package bright and early or they will be hearing from one piss off lolita.

so have you guys had the same problem or am i just the unlucky one?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kiss " i. Envy" lashes review

Yesterday was my friends bday and we decided to go out for dinner . So to look my best , i went to my local beauty supply store and pick up a pair of false lashes.  I don't wear lashes a lot; the only time i ever wore them were for prom and for a try out.

I think that these lashes are great for newbies because they cost very little ( around $2.99 ~$4.00). Compare to Mac and dolly wink lashes, Kiss lashes  are just as good and they're made with human hair. Most important is that they 're really soft, so they're not going to irritate your eyes.

Now for the before and after pics

real lashes :( 
kiss lashes (see the difference?)

my lashes is the No. 1 which is the Au Naturale ( natural, made to look like your real lashes) ...they are many other different types from the normal to the dramatic ... now onto the ratings

Price: 5/5 cant beat $3.00
Comfort: 5/5 feels like nothings there

full look

sigh.... my weird face ^-^  thx for reading

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bodyline cravings ....

 hi everyone , long time no blog huh? sorry for the lack of post. i have been busy with preparing for finals and was a little ill. Anywho, two things caught my eye  from Bodyline. actually they were out of stock but now they're in stock and i am going to grab them before they're sold out again.