Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geo Nudy Brown circle lenses Review

hi guys! so i recently ordered some circle lenses from I got the geo nudy brown; i choose Geo because i had their Angel brown lenses and they were okay.
Shipping: I give Candylens shipping a 5/5..why? because they put alot of effort into their packaging and appreciate their customers. The lenses came in a bubble wrap envelope with a cute gift box containing the lenses. Right now with every purchase, you get a free lens case. They also send you a handwriting thank you note.

with flash
without flash

Color: 4/5 its  hazel brown, not the most natural color

Design: 5/5  I really like the design. The outer rim of the lenses does not have the dark ring that most circle lenses carry. so, the lenses looks more natural and not very big.

Comfort:5/5  wore them for about  5 hrs and it felt like nothing there

Overall Opinion: I'm really happy with the lenses and would def buy them again.

~thx for reading

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