Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make up haul/ review

Shop in Sophora for the first time, I have been  eyeing a eye shadow palette for some time now and decided to pick up some fillers that i need.

I love neutral eye shadows. So i was on the hunt for a good cheap neutral eyeshadow palette and from the high reviews found Urban decay's "Naked". I love this palette! there are 12 full size shadows, all beautiful colors , great pigmentation and really great quality.Perfect for any skin tone.
I've always wanted to try dolly wink but was discourage by the price but i finally decided to give it a try.
derp face ^-^
the lashes are dolly wink no. 1. The first time i saw them in person, i thought they were too dramatic but when i try them on they were perfect.They are really long but they are not too dense. They do not look natural but looks beautiful on the eyes.

~thanks for reading


  1. The Dolly Wink lashes looks great on you! I have to say you are really beautiful :D:D

  2. aw :) thank you churi and yeah they are really nice lashes