Monday, February 7, 2011

Shopping haul for Spring

Hello peeps, so spring is right around the corner. It doesn't seem like it because of the snow storms but winter is slowly coming to an end.For my spring closet,  I pick up a few stuff from H&M and a blouse from my favorite thrift store, Buffalo Exchange.

What i got~

I needed a blazer desperately. I found the cutest one at H&M, its a dark navy with polka dots inside. I don't have alot of blue tops so i need one of those and a cute thin sweater with a deer print.


A pencil skirt and jumpsuit, i just love the use of the cute
I got this blouse from the thrift store, it's originally from J crew.

  The heels are from Ross and  tights are from Urban Outfitters.

so have guys started your spring shopping?
thanks for reading~


  1. I like the blouse and shoes. And you're right, the birds are cute. ^^
    I've thrifted a bit, but mostly I hope to make my new clothes in the future, though with getting fabric it can be a bit time consuming.

  2. oh cool....sometimes I wish I can sew, save me a ton of money...good luck with that

  3. Excellent haul! I wish we had H&M and Urban Outfitters here ;_;

    I'm totally jelly of your jumpsuit!

  4. oh that sucks :( I think both stores ship over seas or you can try yesstyle they have tons of cute stuff