Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Angelic Pretty review / haul

hey everyone! sorry for the lack of post, I was waiting for my AP order to arrive. I receive everything just a few minutes ago. Now unto the review

 First up: Angelic Pretty

I order a skirt from the newly release series " Sugar Pansy" in lavender.
It's very spring like, the color is a soft and the print isn't too loud. The bow at the front of the skirt is not detachable. I was a little disappointed because i wanted to make it into a headband :( i still love it nonetheless.
There are detachable waist ties, a built in petti and a zipper at the side. There is also shirring at the back in case you need the extra room.
Close up of print and lace detail

 The bows  was ordered from Angelic Pretty USA. The only issue i have with ap usa is their shipping cost; for standard shipping it is $17 dollars O_o . It just seems a little high for shipping within the US.
They are not too small, about medium size and the material they're made out of is very stiff.

We love Colors & Pretty and Cute

Just a few tight highs to go with my lolita wardrobe. Shipping was fast and their packaging is good.
Lavender,ivory and light pink
The lavender is a bit too dark than i expected, but the others are just perfect. They're not thick and are perfect for spring/summer.

Finally a pair of bottom lashes from pretty and cute.

Thanks for reading~


  1. That shipping is pretty expensive for within the U.S. x~x. About the we love colors tights, you can order the pastel lavender and it'll be more the color you're looking for ;).

  2. yeah i will but the sad thing is i waste $8 dollar :( lol ...thx

  3. the skirt is absolutely adorable! I love the lavender color way the best, it is so perfect for spring! I think shipping for AP is expensive but I live in the city so I can just go to the store directly. I'd be happy to help you pick up a few things and mail it to you to save on the shipping hehe :)

  4. i also love lavender colorway, ahh thank u, thank u...i would really appreciate it ...thx