Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gothic lolita wigs review

I have been searching for a natural color wig, my options  were cyperous and glw. I was about to purchase a wig from cyperous but the chocolate black mix wig from glw stole my heart.

The Color
On GLW website the wig color looks off black but in reality it's deep chocolate. I really love this color, its very pretty in the sunlight.

with natural light
Shipping was free and quick. For all U.S orders  the shipping fee is waved; and the package took approximately 3 days to arrive.

The Hair
It is not shiny or tangle.There is a lot of hair, i mean a lot . The wig is very full and soft.
ahh! so much hair

I'm very happy with the hair but the waves/curls are not define and a little fuzzy. That means i have to re curled the hair.

All in all, im happy with the wig

~thanks for reading


  1. Lovely wig!I want one blog wig with pigtails someday, when I got the money :D

  2. sure do! it saves alot time on your hair. thank you

  3. AMAZING!!! it's like a 'strawberry-chocolate' 'pinky'!!!
    I think i'll buy one for myself also!!!

  4. oh you should try this one it's hime style