Friday, July 29, 2011

To blouse or not to blouse

Lolita is not an easy fashion to wear in  the summer time.With so many layers you have on, you are going to be 1 or 2 degrees hotter.I have been wanted to wear my Lolita outfits  more often but this heat wave is killing me.So to be happy and not melt away, I'm trying to go bare (no blouse).For a person who thought that jsk always needs a blouse, i like how it turn out. The coord still looks complete with the help of the wrist i guess with the right accessories, you can still look good.
~thanks for reading


  1. I agree, it looks really good! :) ankle socks is also very cute in summer lolita outfits I think, and it feels so good when it's hot! :)

  2. that JSK is really cute :D and I really want your wrist cuffs :D

  3. @ Zeruda yes, ankle socks do work nicely also and i got a few pairs. might try them out..thank u

    @ churi the wrist cuffs is custom made got it from this esty store