Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coming soon to my house

Did you know that metamorphose is my favorite brand? It was the first brand of lolita clothing that i was introduce to and my dream was to own one dress from meta. And it came true :) i order the Melody Poodle
Tiered Pinafore Dress in a Salmon color. I love everything about this dress the shape, color and print. so look out soon for a review

so do you have a fav brand and tell me your thoughts about this dress
thanks for reading~


  1. My favourite brand is Angelic Pretty, but I must admit, with every new release, Meta is slowly moving up on my fave list (>u< )~

    The dress really is beautiful, and I absolutely ADORE the outside motif in the print. It seems so casual for an afternoon of tea outside~

    Congrats on making your dream come true!~☆

  2. yes the dress isn't too loud and imo perfect for spring. Thanks

  3. I can't wait for your review! I haven't bought a brand new Meta item in a while (been coveting some of their older stuff mostly from Closet Child XD).

    I don't think you'll be disappointed! I've always loved the quality of my Meta dresses.

  4. i cant wait... so excited and hopefully i wouldn't be disappointed

  5. I don't normally go for poodles, but that print was seriously cute. I loved the other JSK design so much!

  6. yeah the first time i saw the print, i didnt like it very much but on the jsk its beautiful