Saturday, January 29, 2011

Metamorphose Melody Poodle Review

Meta Melody Poodle Review

Hi guys! how have you been? fine i hope. Well my meta jsk has arrive ; actually it came in the mail two days ago. I was busy with work and got stranded from a snow storm so i couldn't give a review. Anyway, it took about 4 days to arrive at my house (surprise at how fast the shipping  is ) it was package in a large light pink bag and left at my front door.

Now onto the review ~

what it looks  like out of the bag (yay ! a free hanger lol)

It's fully shirred at the top with lace lining , all bows seen is detachable and waist ties. The straps are adjustable.

There's alot going on in this print, I called it the "French Cafe". There are white and pink poodles, a cafe chair, street lights/lamps, rose bushes, bricks, ribbons, white musical notes and metamorphose logo printed all over the dress. The color is a cream with a hint of yellow and brown.

Close ups and Features~

Off white bottom with rhinestone

Inside lining
Close up

Overall, i am very happy with the dress ...good quality, lovely print, perfect fit ( stops right above my knees~i'm 5'2 in) and nice details.

thanks for reading ad watching