Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recent buys and deals

hey guys ! since i haven't been posting (sorry busy with work)alot ... i'm going to share with you things that i brought and give you some  links that i think you will like...

From American Apparel
i was a little shock to find the  exact kind of hair bow
s i needed. This was the first time i shop there and will return in the future. The bows are medium size and they are $10 each , right now when you buy 2 , you get the third one half off and they have a variety of colors and patterns.

MAC fluidline Eye - liner gel

I needed a good gel eye liner that wouldn't ware off. Although its  expensive for something so tiny ($15.00), it does a great job and many people say its a good buy and last a good while.

Pink Cardigan from Esprit 
I always thought of Esprit as a sports store, maybe because of their logo. Anywho they are having a 60% sale on some of their stuff. Got this beautiful card for $8.00 original was $34.00  ~0_0~
Nicole from Ross
I love shopping for shoes at Ross why? because you can get the same designer shoes for less. I got these cute mary jane high heels for $12.99 they're from Nicole.

Now time for a link: Charlotte Russe is have a great  shoe deal - buy one get one for $15.00 they are have a really nice collections of boots/ booties/ scandals and pumps