Monday, November 8, 2010

Anna House ~review~

i finally got my anna house jsk today

It is soo beautiful and  very well made

It was package in a brown envelope and this is what it looks when its out

Front and back view of the dress

I dont know much about lace but it seems acceptable
Bow and Rose detail
The back lacing

Print detail

I ordered it in a size medium and i fits perfectly. Its not too short on me, im 5'2 and it ends just below my knees.

Shipping: 4/5 it didnt have any damages but i didnt like that it came in an envelope
Communication: 5/5 anna house was superb in their  quick response with the emails
Material: 5/5  very well made 
Price:  5/5 in total, it cost $117 the dress cost $74 , the rest is shipping and handling

Anna house provides great service and i will order from them again

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