Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Petticoat woes

i think the hardest thing in building your lolita closet is finding the right petticoat.

Because it has to have the right amount to proof, the right shape, for example A- line, cupcake or bell and needs to last.

I have been looking at Qutieland's pettis and found a few that im interested in ...

DollScope A- line Shape petti

 This petticoat have lots of good reviews and said to have a good amount of proof (thinking of buying this) and its only $25 usd

KidsYoYo Petti

 I really like the shape of this Petti and there is a review about it on egl . This petti cost $50 usd

Classical Puppets bell shape petti

 i only saw one review for this petticoat and the person said that it gives a good about of proof . This cost $ 24 usd
so any advice?


  1. I like the A-line petticoat best; it looks so soft!♥

  2. i know and it looks really full also. i think im going to order it.

  3. I have more petticoats than I should I think. Two white, three black. The black are varied and work well for A-line and cupcake poof depending on how I layer them. The white ones, one is good for A-line, the other for cupcake.

    If you want an inexpensive option, I suggest commissioning lyrique86 on EGL. She makes MEGA poof petticoats in any color you like. You can also get a Malco Modes child petticoat (style 1810) in a slew of colors for A-line.

  4. oh thats great! thx i was looking at candy violet's malco modes petti and i heard they are good