Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So happy that my Mom likes my lolita dress

I was a bit nervous of showing my mom my  first lolita dress because she never heard of  a "lolita" or understand the fashion. My mother is not the person to hold her tongue, she will say exactly what she thinks. Surprisingly, she likes the dress and i was shock because there is alot going on on the dress. she said that it was " a nice dress" and that made my day; it doesnt matter what others think expect for my mom's opinion. Even if she didnt like it , i wouldnt be discourage from wearing lolita because i love the fashion. Lol its a good thing that she likes it because  she will buy me more lol

So tell me... how did your parents or someone close to you reacted with you being a lolita?


  1. The first time my brother's wife saw me in lolita, she asked me if I was going polka dancing. It's something of a family joke, now. :)

  2. lol well good thing is that they have no problem with you dressing lolita