Monday, November 22, 2010

Hidden Teasures

Sometimes the best place to shop is in your basement.

 Recently, i help my mom with tidying up our bashment and was surprise with what i found.

A pink Nine West bag 

A Grey  Ruffle Top from Gap 


A beautiful chest thingy

You will be surprise from the things you find wasteing away in our bashment. I also found some white blouses that will look great with an jsk. So before you head out or log into a website to shop, try searching your basement or artic or closet.



  1. WOAH beautiful finds! My closets a mess, but I might find something nice lol.

  2. Cute little trunk! The pattern is very sweet. :)

    Unfortunately, where I live, we don't have basements. We have garages, but the heat and humidity during summer are so intense that anything left in there long will end up damaged--melted or mildewed.

  3. oh thats a shame ... but you should try your closet most likely your going to find something there :)