Monday, December 20, 2010

DHl is the F*cking worst

To my fellow lolitas you know the anxiety and excitement that comes when you're waiting on your package. I had that same feeling until now because my package which is in the  usa and right in my neighborhood and inside of the mail man van, cant seem to arrive at my house yet . Long story short, order a couple of things from bodyline, decided to go with Dhl because it was only $20 dollars for shipping . Got my tracking number and patiently waited and monitor my package; seeing that everything is going  smoothly. So its monday and dhl says that it WILL BE deliver today, so i waited, a couple of hours passed and i got worry so i called and a kind person said that it will be at my house today . Some more hours passed and the sun went down, so i called again another gentle voice told me that " maybe the delivery man have a busy day so my package will come a little late and it will get to my house today.Its 10pm and i  still havent gotten my package and i really doubt that it is going to arrive tonight. Now im mad, because i could of been somewhere doing something useful today, instead of sitting home waiting for dhl ( needed a signature) Never again will i use dhl ,they are not worth it and their customer service is fuck up. i really hope that they deliver my package bright and early or they will be hearing from one piss off lolita.

so have you guys had the same problem or am i just the unlucky one?


  1. I've never had any problems with DHL deliveries, actually. They usually deliver to me right on time. Sorry you had this experience D:

  2. DHL and EMS both require signatures, sadly. I've had less trouble with DHL than with USPS, too. Thing is, being this close to Christmas, deliveries all around are a bit muddled. Sorry that you had to wait, but I'm afraid that it's unfortunately unavoidable. Lots of people are sending packages out right now.

  3. I'm sorry this happened. ): Whenever I use DHL, if I want to go out somewhere, I ask my dad to stay home or for my bf to come over and see if the package arrives. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. xD; Hopefully, the package will arrive tomorrow & everything will be a-okay. (:

  4. What I've done with some success in the past is leave a note that is dated and signed to tell the postman where to leave a box. It doesn't always work but sometimes it does.

  5. @ serepuff.thx i guess they are really busy

    @ focusingthelens: true, it is the Christmas season so i guess that can happen

    @ caylee thx and i would of if my mom or someone was at home

    @yllsa good idea thx