Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bodyline cravings ....

 hi everyone , long time no blog huh? sorry for the lack of post. i have been busy with preparing for finals and was a little ill. Anywho, two things caught my eye  from Bodyline. actually they were out of stock but now they're in stock and i am going to grab them before they're sold out again.

This beautiful floral jsk , from stalking it, i found a lot of good reviews.  i need a classic lolita jsk and this one is just perfect.
love the black 

Also, this hat (forgot what it's called ) i am in love with this hat. This will be great for spring/summer and can be coordinate with both lolita outfits and everyday outfits. 
love the beg  color

 thx for reading :)


  1. Either hat would look so cute with that dress!

  2. thx...yes the hat and the jsk will make a great spring lolita outfit

  3. They're called boater hats! I love them. I own 3 at the moment XD

    Also, that Bodyline dress is lovely! I've seen the black one in person :3

  4. thank you for the name..those hats are really hard to find and the few I saw had outrageous prices ...i adore them also