Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bodyline review

 Hi guys, I finally receive my package from bodyline . Yay!, better late than never, right? Anywho,  i ordered a floral jsk L174 and a boater hat ....

First up, Bodyline's boater hat in beg color

 The hat isn't stiff; more off a soft material but it holds its shape. The black ribbon does  not come attached to the hat, so it can be remove if you want too.Overall, i really like it because it can be easily coordinate  with tons of outfits that i have in mind. This is perfect for both Spring or Summer. Also, its only $6 usd  : D

 This floral jsk is the whole reason that i made a Bodyline order. I have been stalking this jsk for the longest and its very popular because it's sold out most of the time. Only by luck that i manage to get it.

I ordered  that black version of the jsk and it is so beautiful.

detachable bow
The jsk  comes with a detachable bow. It is not huge, about medium size . So, you can do multiple things with it.Such like use it as an accessory for your hair, attach it to a beret or any kind of hat or use it as a brooch.

L174 black jsk Sized medium

The material of the dress is thick, it is a floral print with reddish pink roses. There are also white/grey roses that is printed all over the dress. Black shirring is on the back, a heart shape bottom for the detachable waist ties, shoulder straps are also adjustable, so you can make it longer or shorter. Zipper is at the side and two small bows attract to the shoulder straps.

The dress is a good length on me, stops right above the knees (I am 5'2in, 157cm) . to sum it up : i love it, very please with Bodyline's service but not so much with Dhl and the jsk is def wroth the $31 usd

Thanks for reading : )


  1. I'm glad you finally received it! Both items are lovely! (:

  2. thank you ...i was so excited when they came

  3. Glad to hear you got your items :D

    And cheers for the review! I've seen the JSK in person and it's certainly a great piece (not to mention value for your money).

  4. thank you.. yes it is a great piece and the cost just make it even better

  5. Looks lovely~ I really like the floral print, it's not too big or too small.
    It really sucks when you wait for an order only to be disappointed with the item, so it's great to hear you had a good experience.

  6. @ raindrops .. I like ops and jsks with smaller prints, idk I guess bigger prints takes from the dress and thanks