Friday, December 10, 2010

Kiss " i. Envy" lashes review

Yesterday was my friends bday and we decided to go out for dinner . So to look my best , i went to my local beauty supply store and pick up a pair of false lashes.  I don't wear lashes a lot; the only time i ever wore them were for prom and for a try out.

I think that these lashes are great for newbies because they cost very little ( around $2.99 ~$4.00). Compare to Mac and dolly wink lashes, Kiss lashes  are just as good and they're made with human hair. Most important is that they 're really soft, so they're not going to irritate your eyes.

Now for the before and after pics

real lashes :( 
kiss lashes (see the difference?)

my lashes is the No. 1 which is the Au Naturale ( natural, made to look like your real lashes) ...they are many other different types from the normal to the dramatic ... now onto the ratings

Price: 5/5 cant beat $3.00
Comfort: 5/5 feels like nothings there

full look

sigh.... my weird face ^-^  thx for reading


  1. Aaaww...I think you look cute! :)

    Those eyelashes look great, I think I might get a pair.

  2. yes you should, they're really good

  3. There's nothing wrong with your real lashes! At least yours aren't as short as mine :P

    Though those Kiss lashes suit you very well. You're pretty XD

  4. thank you.. The only problem that I have with my real is that they're really thin...but thanks anyway

  5. I looooove false eyelashes. They just make your eyes that much more dramatic, even if you already have nice ones naturally. :3

    Thanks for this review! I'll keep my eyes open for that brand.